About My Raga

About My Raga

Raga derived from Sanskrit means literally color or Passion. India list the land of different cultures, different tongues, touching different tastes of Indians.

It is from the house of Quality & Production like pantalons from older days helping innovating the Passion & Trends of Indian Eyewear Industry. Raga is innovation to increase the hunger of latest fashionable eyewear trends in India.

When Passion leads, it needs full efforts, new innovations to reach all desires to fill all colors to demand or appeal of Eyewear Industry. So, it is not only the word Raga but truly your own page or you can say it’s My Raga.

The brand is noted for its comfortable & durable Frames made with Skin friendly Materials that offer a high level of comfort and are made in designs & colors to give innovative & iconic Patterns to attract young wearer.

My Raga frames are crafted in T R 90 materials, grade I plastic material known for its high reserve, flexibility and ultra-light comfort which is the appeal in today’s time.

The metal series is also introduced in My Raga for royal look and best for 40+ years of age. The maturity is the factors to gain trust.

“Professo” Frames are evocative from the inspirations of Professional Anches were popular for taking interviews & many other theatre artists of stage drama, intensified emotions under currents of social commentary – no intellectual pretense but loads of Colorful elements that could point to truth being stranger than fiction so.

So we heartily appeal to all eye surgeon, eye care practitioners, optometrist, wholesale and optical retailers to be a part of my Rage eye-wear . Like a bunch of different flowers you may collect the iconic and attractive articles (frames and sunglasses) by My Raga collections to serve your beautiful customers with better look and comfort with best brand power and Quality. Inspired by Mrs Pooja Gupta (Analyst of latest apparels)